Why Choose Glen Holling?

HONESTY and INTEGRITY: I was brought up to respect others and to remain trustworthy. From me you will get the truth and the straight goods!

ETHICAL: Not only have I studied ethics, I believe in behaving ethically at all times. Confidentiality, Trustworthiness and sound moral principles are seen to be disappearing from business. I believe upholding high ethical principles is one the most important contributions we can make to a decent society. Besides, I like working with “decent” people and expect you do as well.

EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE: A 20 year career in Consumer and Business Finance has taught me much about confidentiality, lending and meeting the needs of customers. More than 15 years practicing real estate has taught me a great deal about real property ownership and the pitfalls of letting clients make hasty or reactive decisions. My job as your agent includes providing the kind of guidance and advice that will help you make sound decisions.

SKILLS: Having owned 16 personal residences plus some investment properties I have developed a good sense of re-sale opportunity, soundness of construction, location, and community. Negotiating and finding solutions are an integral part of bringing my skills to your project.

EFFORT: Selling or Buying, I know my job is to help you achieve your goals in real estate. To this end I take my job seriously and focus my attention on finding the right Buyer or Property.

AGENCY: An agent acts directly for his principal, not himself. I put your needs and wants above my own goals. You will find I do not care if it is my listing or not, I do not worry if the listing agent is paying well or not, I do not care if the property is for sale by owner or not, I work for you therefore my job is to do my best to meet your expectations.

RELATIONSHIPS: I prefer to work by Referral and with people I know and like. I do not spend a lot of time or money on personal promotion – that money needs to be spent on finding buyers for my listings and with buyers, sellers and referral sources.

FOLLOWUP: I have many past clients who have moved away as long as 10 years ago and I remain in touch with several. That is the kind of relationship I strive to achieve. I provide regular items of value to my clients and I make sure I am never too busy to look after a referral from one of my clients.

HELPING OUR CHILDREN: Years ago Fay and I learned first hand how much good BC Children’s Hospital does for our injured and sick kids! From every purchase or sale transaction I take part in we make another donation to BC Children’s Hospital.

PROTECTION FOR MY CLIENTS: I know things sometimes might go wrong in a real estate buying and selling involves such a large financial commitment I insure every transaction to provide my clients free legal assistance if something does go “sideways”.